Our Mission

Rentability is a non profit organization that serves as an intermediary for New York City in the creation and preservation of affordable housing. Our mission is achieved through advocacy, education, and the promotion of affordable housing to local communities. We work alongside Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) among other government agencies, as well as with community leaders, and public officials.

To further advance our objective, Rentability maintains close working relationships with building owners and real estate developers and informs them of the many specialized programs and services available that mutually benefit both their properties and the residents of New York City.

As an authorized Administering Agent for HPD, Rentability oversees the necessary compliance for building owners who enter into a Regulatory Agreement or Restrictive Declaration with the city. We have extensive experience with the programs developers utilize including Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH), Voluntary Inclusionary Housing (VIH), Cure, Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors (AIRS), and PFASH Programs.