New Affordable Housing Lottery in Bushwick

affordable housing lottery 406 cornelia street in bushwick

The newly constructed building at 406 Cornelia Street in the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn is now offering affordable housing apartments. Located at the center of Bushwick area, 406 Cornelia Street is managed by Reside NY, and becoming one of the most popular new development. Top rated bars, coffee shops and restaurants are popping up in this neighborhood, and it is close to subway stations, supermarkets and fitness centers as well.

406 Cornelia Street will stand 4 story’s above ground and hold a total of 9 dwellings. 406 Cornelia Street has assigned 1 one-bedroom unit with the asking rent of $1,949 per month and 2 two-bedrooms with the asking rent of $2,449 per month. Applicants are welcome to apply through May 20th, 2019.

affordable housing lottery 406 cornelia street in bushwick 2

Individuals and households who can prove they are earning between $66,823 and $149,890 are all welcome to apply for this lottery. 406 Cornelia Street will offer its residents a wide range of top of the line amenities such as a backyard, on-site laundry-room, extra storage space and rooftop access. Conveniently located near major transportation lines like the L & M subway lines 406 Cornelia calls for an easy commute all around New York City.

Individuals and households who meet the income and household requirements listed in the above chart may apply. Qualified applicants will be required to meet additional selection criteria. Applicants who live in NYC will be given a general preference for the apartments.