Where can I find affordable housing opportunities?

Affordable housing opportunity is available for households with different sizes and incomes. If you are looking to reduce rental cost or relocate to a different neighborhood there are several websites available for quick searches on current affordable housing projects.Find Affordable Housing Opportunities in New York based on location, income and family size.


Rentability.nyc is managed by City5, certified HPD marketing agents on affordable housing projects. Rentability.nyc maintains an updated list of current affordable housing projects. You can search for local lotteries, explore useful resources for applicants and receive step-by-step expert guidance when applying for a housing lottery that best suits you.

NYC Housing Connect

NYC Housing Connect is the official site to find affordable housing hosted by HPD. Through NYC housing connect you can find a complete list of current opportunities for affordable housing. You may also subscribe to this site for updates on new affordable housing lotteries.

Other Sources

HPD also provides an online search tool that allows you to search for current affordable housing opportunities by borough, income and household size. This search includes affordable housing through different housing programs administrated by HPD and HUD. You can see a list of the properties that are currently accepting applications and the ones that are replenishing the wait list for affordable units.

Find Affordable Housing Opportunities by borough, household size and household income.

Make sure to use this search tool to find affordable housing that is not listed on HPD’s Housing Connect.